Safety Information


All bikes need to be in technically flawless condition. Only Enduro exhaust pipes or quiet retrofitted units are allowed. 
While there is no technical acceptance test for the bikes (except for ÖM riders), random checks will be performed. If a bike is too loud, has technical defects or other issues, it will be taken out of the race. 

Environmental Protection

While in the paddock, environmental mats should be used! For any service in the paddock where spirit or oil may spill a liquid-binding map is mandatory. All participants need to behave in a way that they do not strain or harass the environment and the people around them. In the paddock area, driving is only allowed at walking speed and only necessary journeys shall be made (e.g. to get to pre-start or training). Disregard of these rules lead to penalties and exclusion from the race. Any garbage caused by the participants is to be taken care of and disposed of appropriately. When collecting the numbers all riders are given garbage bags. Violating the environmental regulations can lead to exclusion from the race. 

Protective Gear/Helmet

All participants are required to wear appropriate protective gear. Any participants that are not wearing a helmet, enduro boots, upper body protection, knee protectors, elbow protectors, gloves and appropriate enduro clothing will be excluded from the race. The helmet needs to adhere to the current state of the art and needs to be in technically flawless condition.

Safety Disclaimer

Motor sports always come with dangers! We strongly recommend all participants to take out an additional accident insurance which specifically covers the risk of motor sports. The AspangRace itself is a RaceCard race meaning that every participant has the opportunity to get a RaceCard just for this event. The RaceCard includes accident insurance for the rider, more information can be found on the respective homepage.

We also recommend every participant to get regular medical checkups to verify the physical ability to participate in such a race!

Any free riding of minors or kids in the area of the event is strictly forbidden. If these rules are violated, the parents or legal guardians are liable for potential damages.

The course itself is a complete exclusion zone for all spectators or companions. Especially with kids and around the edges of the course particular care is necessary.

Even though the race course is blocked from public traffic every rider needs to drive on sight. Alcohol is strictly forbidden for all participants before and during the race.

Liability Disclaimer

Each participant is required to accept a liability disclaimer when registering for the race. Additionally, this disclaimer needs to be signed in person when picking up the number. 

The liability disclaimer can be found here (only in german).